This is all about cuisine

 A real treat for your taste buds, as well as your body and mind. Because it’s all connected!


I offer my services as a consultant :

– to restaurants who want to adapt their menu to become more sustainable, to offer tasty and balanced vegan and vegetarian recipes or delicious options for special diets and intolerances.

– to venues and centres who would like a chef to review their menu, write recipes and establish a cooking/kitchen process to increase the quality of the food.

– to magazines and shops who are looking for original, healthy and colourful recipes and photos


My goal is to satisfy your five senses by preparing you delicious meals using organic, local, seasonal, and fresh produce. I also commit to a zero-waste cuisine, using creativity to recycle dishes.

But my approach goes well beyond since I also apply principles of Ayurveda and nutrition in the preparation of each of my dishes. My aim is to offer  food that is a real treat for your taste buds but also for your body-mind, and soul.

I invite you to taste my dishes in a warm atmosphere, with joy and surrounded by friends and loved ones. I take care of the food so you can really enjoy your event with piece of mind.


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